Home-Made Joy

How can we find a sense of joy in our day-to-day lives?  How can we experience this joy when our present circumstances are tough?  How can we find joy in the day-to-day tasks of taking care of our homes and families?

Joy and happiness are not the same thing.

Joy is a deep and abiding sense of pleasure and satisfaction in knowing and living according to your purpose.

Happiness is based on the current situation.

I can be joyful during the hard times (even if I am not happy) because I am living according to my values and priorities.

I can find joy in doing the mundane tasks of taking care of home and family because I know the true importance of these (seemingly) basic things.

I can be joyful in my homemaking when I focus on what works for me and my family and stop comparing myself to others.


Verb: to make less complex or complicated; to make plainer or easier.


Noun: a house, apartment or other shelter that is the usual residence of a person or family.  The place where one’s domestic affections are centered.


Verb: controlling or administering all or part of a company or similar organization. (A family or household)

How we manage our homes matters! It matters because it affects all other areas of our life.

The main areas we need to manage:





  • Keeping your family healthy
  • Healthcare Choices
    • Insurance vs. Healthcare Sharing
    • Primary MD/Naturopath/Chiropractor/Herbalist


  •     Set priorities
    •     Needs vs. wants
    •     Simplifying in other areas often provides more “wiggle” room in the budget.