Small Steps Lead to Big Changes

Making your home simpler and healthier is an overwhelming task… Where do I start? What should I change? What do I buy/use instead? I don’t want to/can’t DIY everything, but good products are so expensive! The answer is “one step at a time”.  Don’t try to change everything all at once…you will be overwhelmed and… Continue reading Small Steps Lead to Big Changes

Could You Have a Highly Sensitive Child?

Labels are everywhere in our world…introvert, extrovert, ADD, ADHD, Autism Spectrum, Republican, Democrat, Independent, Dyslexic, INFJ and many, many more.  Sometimes labels are helpful because they help us explain things more easily.  Sometimes labels are unhelpful or untrue.  Sometimes labels lead to prejudice.  Sometimes labels are used as an excuse to act a certain way,… Continue reading Could You Have a Highly Sensitive Child?

Real Food…My Definition

There are many definitions of “real food”. Some people define real food as “foods that our ancestors ate”; for some this means only what they can hunt/gather..raw and almost no processing of any kind… lots of people like to add fermentation and sprouting/soaking of foods…eating only locally raised/produced foods…These definitions get cumbersome and strict and set you up for failure…you can’t always be “perfect”.