Are You Ready for Summer?

Warm sunshine, splashing at the beach, hammocks in the shade being rocked by the warm breeze.  Catching fireflies, berry picking, hikes through the woods, picnics in the park.  Sun-kissed faces, muddy toes, sticky fingers.  Summer brings idyllic thoughts and memories to mind.  We remember summers from our childhoods through rose-colored glasses…and we want the same… Continue reading Are You Ready for Summer?

Preventing Lyme Disease Naturally

Winter is slowly melting into spring here in Central Minnesota.  It’s raining instead of snowing; robins have been spotted; the backyard chickens are back to full (?) production.  The grass isn’t green yet; the trees are still dormant, but the sun is feeling warm and I’ve put the winter coats away. Influenza is still being… Continue reading Preventing Lyme Disease Naturally