Hello!  I’m Beth and this is my family:

My husband Tony and I have been married for 10 years…and we still like each other!  We have three kids, Ruthie, Asher and Hannah (ages 9, 7 & 5).


We live in Central Minnesota, out in the county, on two acres and in a 1150 square foot house.  We believe that simplicity and minimalism are two different things that are related but NOT the same.

We strive for a simple life and this involves minimalism in some areas and it involves owning a few more things in other areas so that life is simpler and we can cultivate JOY.

We have three Highly Sensitive Kids and this changes the way we approach daily life, schedules and routines.  We find JOY in routine and in choosing carefully where we spend our time…literally and figuratively.

We eat real food most of the time.  With our highly sensitive kids and various food sensitivities, the luxury of even an occasional take-out or frozen pizza meal isn’t there.  Real food takes time and I’m always looking for ways (and sharing ways) of making really good, real food, fast.  Because eating should be a JOYFUL experience.

I look for ways of simplifying home systems (laundry, cooking, cleaning, yard work, etc) so that we can find JOY in doing the everyday things well as well has having time to do the fun things that bring you JOY…for me that tends to be reading and sewing.

I am a nurse turned naturally minded mom.  While I believe that modern medical care is a blessing, I also believe that keeping ourselves healthy through the natural means God has given to us is our way of being good stewards of our bodies.  I also believe that God has provided natural treatments for most of our medical needs and that these should be explored first.  Because being healthy makes it easier to live life with JOY.