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Everyday Simple, paperback, Kindle

“What we desire is a simple life.  A life that is not controlled by stuff and the pursuit of more, but a life that enjoys what we’ve been blessed with and holds all things loosely.  A life of generosity with our possessions but also with our time and our emotions.”

“We believe that simplicity and minimalism are two different things that are related but NOT the same.  We strive for a simple life and this involves minimalism in some areas, and it involves owning a few more things in other areas to make life more simple.”

This is not a book about selling all of our possessions and living in a tiny house. Though for some, that is what everyday simplicity may look like. It is about looking at what is really important and what brings us joy. It’s about systematically moving those things to the front of life and letting go of the things that distract us from and compete for our time.

“A system is a step by step process.  A way of doing something that makes it easier and an almost automatic part of what you do.”

We have intentionally built systems into family, work and everyday activities. They make life move more smoothly, and they minimize the time needed to cross the necessities off the list, so we have more time for the things we’d rather be doing.

But its hard to know where to start. In Everyday Simple, we have shared examples of how we have built systems, to inspire you to begin building your own.

“In Everyday Simple we want to help you take a look at your life; help you to make intentional adjustments and develop habits.  We want to help you fine tune and move toward a simpler life and a richer existence.”

This is the book we wrote.  We hope it blesses you!

Simplicity Parenting

A great book about how to simplify life with kids, leading to happier kids and a happier family life.  It is a good read even though it starts to repeat itself about half way through.

Family Devotions

The Big Picture Story Bible

This is my absolute favorite children’s Bible!  Short, easy to understand stories that are not “dumbed-down” in their theological accuracy.  Appropriate to read to children as well as to anyone who wants a quick, easy to understand overview of God’s plan from Genesis to Revelation.

Leading Little Ones to God

A great book that clearly teaches kids about the important truths of God’s Word and doctrines.  It was published in the 1960’s so the wording and look of the book is old-fashioned but the content is great.

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Bible Memory

My Heart, Your Home by the Wissmann Family

One of our families favorite CD’s! All the songs are based on scripture.  Fun for kids and adults alike!

The Harrow Family

We have several of these CD’s.  They are excellent musically and in many different musical styles.  The scripture verse/passages are all word-for-word from the chosen translation.

Hide ‘Em in Your Heart by Steve Green

These are best for younger kids.  They have definite 1990’s contemporary Christian musical style to them and are designed for younger children (ages 5 and under) but kids will be singing along as soon as they can talk.