Stock Your Natural Remedies Cabinet

Summer involves lots of activity and lots of activity will inevitably lead to a few bumps and bruises, scrapes and the occasional run it with a natural pest (mosquito, poison ivy). Being prepared to prevent when possible and treat easily and naturally reduces stress and makes life easier. Please Note: This is not to be… Continue reading Stock Your Natural Remedies Cabinet

Preventing Lyme Disease Naturally

Winter is slowly melting into spring here in Central Minnesota.  It’s raining instead of snowing; robins have been spotted; the backyard chickens are back to full (?) production.  The grass isn’t green yet; the trees are still dormant, but the sun is feeling warm and I’ve put the winter coats away. Influenza is still being… Continue reading Preventing Lyme Disease Naturally

Fun Stuff from Around the Web

Tony and I spent Saturday to the Back to Basics event.  It was such a fun time!  Tony presented on building systems in order to simplify everyday life (the thought process behind our Everyday Simple book).  I was able to present about Capsule Menus.  The process of building and following a capsule menu has made… Continue reading Fun Stuff from Around the Web

The Nightshade Family of Foods and Why We Avoid Them

Over six years ago we began our real food journey and soon after that we realized that Tony’s diet had to change even further. Tony has had muscle and connective tissue pain and fatigue for as long as he can remember — he thought it was “normal”.  Through some internet research (thank you Google) we… Continue reading The Nightshade Family of Foods and Why We Avoid Them

Elderberry Syrup…Our “Flu Shot”

Welcome to Fall!  The time of pumpkins, colored leaves, applesauce, wind, frost and firewood.  Here in Central Minnesota there are so many things to get done in the fall so that we are ready for the winter…that garden emptied and “tucked in” for the winter,  firewood split and stacked and leaves raked.  I also make… Continue reading Elderberry Syrup…Our “Flu Shot”