Creating Your Summer “Bucket List”

How is it going as you prepare for a summer of fun, relaxation, experiences and relationships?  As spring gets busy (it is super busy around here), revisit your summer mission statement and keep at it; just do the next thing. This week we are going to create our “bucket list” for this coming summer.  A… Continue reading Creating Your Summer “Bucket List”

Could You Have a Highly Sensitive Child?

Labels are everywhere in our world…introvert, extrovert, ADD, ADHD, Autism Spectrum, Republican, Democrat, Independent, Dyslexic, INFJ and many, many more.  Sometimes labels are helpful because they help us explain things more easily.  Sometimes labels are unhelpful or untrue.  Sometimes labels lead to prejudice.  Sometimes labels are used as an excuse to act a certain way,… Continue reading Could You Have a Highly Sensitive Child?