Going on Vacation at Home

Tony works at a resort.  He interacts with vacationers on a daily basis.  Occasionally we have been blessed to experience this same kind of resort vacation.  It has greatly influenced how I think about planning my life in order to experience a bit of this vacation lifestyle daily:

Have you ever spent a week of vacation at a cabin or resort?  Someplace where maybe a few activities were planned, but the majority of the time was open for play and relaxation.  A week of vacation like this can help us understand how to structure and manage our homes for the summer to create this environment of peace, calm and fun.

What is it about these types of places and vacations that makes them so wonderfully fun and relaxing?

I believe there are three main reasons why this type of vacation is both fun AND relaxing:

  1. It provides all the comforts of home.
  2. There is a simplicity to the daily schedules, routines and responsibilities.
  3. There is plenty of free time for fun and relaxation

All the Comforts of Home

When we think about the comforts of home, we think about a place to just be.  There is space for privacy and space for togetherness.  We have bedrooms with doors that close and that (should) provide a peaceful, calm environment for sleep.  There is indoor plumbing; this is not roughing it!  Daily hygiene is easy and personal habits can be kept without added effort.  (Now, I like camping and roughing it but that is a different type of vacation…one I do not want to experience for the entire summer!)

There is a kitchen.  There is no formality, schedule constraints or the cost of restaurants.  Meals are easy to prepare because we adopt a celebration mindset by embracing a few more convenience foods and easy recipes.  Since the schedule is relaxed, the time for food preparation is enjoyed and embraced rather than rushed.


Larger bathtub than at home!

Simplicity of Daily Schedules, Routines and Responsibilities

We are able to adopt a simplified daily schedule and routine.  Daily life begins to fall into a rhythm of time alone. time together, meals and fun.  The daily responsibilities of cleaning are greatly reduced .  Because it started really clean, it is easy to maintain this level of cleanliness.   Cleaning tasks take less time because there is less stuff to put away before cleaning can happen.


Reading is an important part of our daily routine.

Plenty of Time for Fun and Relaxation

Finally, because the responsibilities of life have been minimized and simplified, there is plenty of time left over for other things.  There is time to be bored.  There is time to think and reflect.  There is time to be creative.  There is time for deep conversations and focus on relationships.  There is time to play and just have fun.  There is not an expectation to be productive, therefore there is no guilt for choosing to use your time in ways that are fun and relaxing but not productive (in the generally used sense of the word).


Time for new activities.

When you are away from the normal daily schedule and responsibilities you adopt, almost without thinking about it, a daily routine similar to what you experience every day, but simplified.  Meals and snacks tend to happen at fairly standard times and other things fall into a kind of routine

I hope this concrete example of a resort vacation helps you to think through more fully what you want for your summer.  Keep working on a mission statement for your summer. (See this post for more information).

Care to share?  Please comment below and/or share on Instagram (#summermissionstatement @turn2thesimple).

Next week we will work on the dreaded spring cleaning and de-cluttering (in a simplified, easy way) and developing a daily routine!


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