Are You Ready for Summer?

Warm sunshine, splashing at the beach, hammocks in the shade being rocked by the warm breeze.  Catching fireflies, berry picking, hikes through the woods, picnics in the park.  Sun-kissed faces, muddy toes, sticky fingers.  Summer brings idyllic thoughts and memories to mind.  We remember summers from our childhoods through rose-colored glasses…and we want the same for our children.  But life happens, and soon summer is over and we look back to see so many missed opportunities for relaxing fun and memory making.  We jump into a new school year looking forward to the return of a schedule and a routine bu also dreading the busy-ness that seems to come with it all.  We wish summer could have been a time of relaxation, a time of slowing down and savoring, for our kids and for ourselves.  But, we feel as if we have to be frenzied just to keep up with life.  There is no time for fun.

However, summer CAN be a time of fun and relaxation!  A time of making memories and spending lazy days in nature.  But, this won’t happen by chance.  If you leave it to chance and trying, you will get to the end of the summer and wonder where the time went and wishing for more time to make memories.

We plan and prepare to go away on vacation.  This planning and preparation makes it possible to have a fun and relaxing time.  We need to learn to see summer as a type of vacation from normal life.  And a vacation, especially a summer long vacation, requires planning and preparation to be enjoyable.  Spending a bit of time in planning and preparation now, will lead to a relaxing summer full of fun and memories.

Join me as I prepare summer!

For the next five weeks I will post one to two times each week with simple, concrete steps for us to take to prepare for a summer of fun and relaxation.  Subscribe so you don’t miss a post!

First things first.  Let’s start at the beginning…or maybe better said, before the beginning.  Preparation takes time and energy, and it’s not very exciting.  You need a clear, concrete statement to come back to when the motivation to do the work wanes.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What do I want to gain this summer?
  • What do I want to do this summer?
  • What would I consider to be a successful summer?

Write down your answers.  Take some time to think.  Add more answers; rephrase others.

Think about these questions and your answers as you go about life this weekend.  Join me next week as we look at our answers and begin preparing for a wonderful summer!


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