Preventing Lyme Disease Naturally

Winter is slowly melting into spring here in Central Minnesota.  It’s raining instead of snowing; robins have been spotted; the backyard chickens are back to full (?) production.  The grass isn’t green yet; the trees are still dormant, but the sun is feeling warm and I’ve put the winter coats away.

Influenza is still being spotted.  Thankfully, our elderberry syrup has been helping us stay healthy.  I have another couple weeks of elderberry syrup already made so we will continue with that until it is gone; then we will transition from influenza prevention to Lyme Disease prevention.

We live in a very Lyme-indemic area.  Twenty-five percent of our church family has or has had Lyme Disease.  Two out of the five people in our family have dealt with Lyme Disease.  Where we live, I feel it is not a question of if we will be exposed to Lyme Disease but a question of when.

One Experience with Lyme Disease

In November of 2014 Tony developed neurological symptoms that were consistent with Lyme disease.  From speaking with people we knew who had dealt with or were dealing with Lyme Disease (including his brother and the family of a co-worker) we began treating him naturally with goldenseal tincture.  He noticed some improvement but was still having symptoms and by spring we were no longer seeing improvement, instead were seeing more symptoms develop.

We consulted a naturopath who pointed us to the book Healing Lyme by Stephen Buhner and “prescribed” his protocol for dealing with Lyme DiseaseThis is a book worth owning if you live in a Lyme-indemic area.  It is quite technical in places about what Lyme disease actually is and why it is so difficult to deal with.  Even without a good understanding of microbiology, it will be beneficial to at least skim these parts because it helps you to better understand his protocol, why it works and why the order of implementation is important.

We started Tony on this protocol and worked up to the full-strength dosages.  He began to notice improvement in his symptoms within a couple of weeks but it was not until being on the protocol for a few months before he began to be symptom free.  Thankfully, we were able to reduce his dosages and completely take him off the protocol without a recurrence of symptoms!  This entire process took about nine months.

Another Experience with Lyme Disease

During July of 2015 Asher spent a couple of days running a low-grade fever and sitting/lying around.  About a week after the fever cleared up, he developed red splotches on his face first then spreading to his arms, legs and torso.  These splotches didn’t hurt or itch but began to fade from the center.  That is when we first recognized it as the “bulls eye rash” of Lyme Disease.

Lyme Rash

Bull’s Eye Rash

We were able to get Asher into the clinic the next day. He was prescribed antibiotics.  I am NOT a fan of antibiotics.  We try to avoid them whenever possible, but antibiotics are very effective when given quickly in acute Lyme Disease cases often eliminating the disease quickly so chronic Lyme Disease does not have a chance to develop.

We gave Asher lots of yogurt and kefir throughout his three week round of antibiotics for several weeks after.  He has had no occurrence of Lyme Disease symptoms since!  Had the first round of antibiotics not worked, we would have begun Buhner’s protocol for Asher as well.


From spring through fall of 2016 the whole family took astragalus root (per Buhner’s protocol) along with Lyme Nosode (a homeopathic) to strengthen our immune systems to be able to fight off Lyme Disease on its own if we were exposed.  Thankfully, none of us developed symptoms (and I assume we were exposed)!


Astragalus Root

As spring 2017 begins, we have increased our intake of astragalus root via tincture or capsules.  We also take Lyme Nosode a couple times each week.  I praise God for His provision of substances to treat and prevent illness and disease!

If you live in a Lyme-indemic area please do your research and make informed decisions for your family.  In case you are wondering, here is what we use:

For more information about astragalus root see HERE or HERE.


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6 thoughts on “Preventing Lyme Disease Naturally

  1. Creating Kilter says:

    This is very interesting to me. I grew up in Pennsylvania and my whole family has Lyme. My grandfather had it, my dad and uncle have it, My mom and all of us kids have it. All my cousins have it. I’m definitely no stranger to it. All of us have had it since we were kids (some of us at birth) so the traditional antibiotics regime doesn’t even touch it. I will look into these things you’ve listed. It may not be the same since we have had it for sooo long but it’s worth looking into! Thanks for sharing the info!


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