De-Cluttering, the First Step to Cleaning

Cleaning is so much easier if I don’t have to move stuff and put stuff away to clean!  And since simplicity is a journey and there is, focusing on getting rid of the excess is a good step to take before working on a deep clean of the house.

I keep up with my daily and weekly basic cleaning chores (see the Everyday Simple book for a detailed description).  And then work on de-clutting one area of the house or one category of things.

Many people say to de-clutter by room or by area of the house…like the junk drawer or the linen closet or the kitchen.  Other people say to de-clutter by category…like clothes, toys, cleaning supplies.  Both methods work well for certain things!  I actually combine the two methods to make it work for me.

Yesterday, I de-cluttered our computer desk and a small dresser that we use to store DVD’s, games and art supplies for the kids.  My main goal was to remove CD’s and cassette tapes that we no longer use.  We have transferred most of this music to MP3 but keep storing these things in a place that could be better utilized by things we use every day.  I boxed up the tapes and CD’s to place in storage (because technically you are supposed to keep the original if you have converted it to another form…).  This was one specific area that needed to be simplified.  We have other CD’s and cassettes in the vehicles (which if I was working by categories should have been included) but I know that those are the tapes and CD’s that we use regularly and didn’t need to be included.


Clothing tends to be a good choice to de-clutter by category since often we have articles of clothing stored in multiple places around the house (especially coats and shoes).

Later this week I plan to tackle the master bedroom  and closet which includes my sewing stuff, our laundry baskets and my husband’s “office”.  Last week I did a quick touch up of the kids’ clothes and toys and I’ve been slowly working on the kitchen once area at a time.

What is one thing you can de-clutter today?

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