Everyday Simple, the Book

Our first book, Everyday Simple, is now available for purchase!

This book has been a divinely blessed project from the beginning.  It flows from our hearts’ desire to see you live a joy-filled life through the blessings that simplicity brings.

From the book:

What we desire is a simple life. A life that is not controlled by stuff and the pursuit of more, but a life that enjoys what we’ve been blessed with and holds all things loosely. A life of generosity with our possessions but also with our time and our emotions.”

Developing habits to make life easier takes some thought. What works for me may not work for you, and what works for someone else may not work for me. But by looking at the systems and routines of others, I gain ideas, and I am able to better think through solutions that will work for me.”

In Everyday Simple we want to help you take a look at your life; help you to make intentional adjustments and develop habits. We want to help you fine tune and move toward a simpler life and a richer existence.”


You can order here through CreateSpace or here through Amazon.

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