Organizing, In 4 Steps

Happy New Year!  It seems like 2017 is the year everyone wants to simplify and get organized (doesn’t this happen every year?!).  Simplicity and organization is a journey; a  one step at a time journey.

Begin your the 2017 leg of your journey with one small step.  Choose one small place to simplify and organize.  I choose our battery and charger drawer:


Messy! Requires moving and digging to find what you need.

It is a small area, but organizing will make it more functional on a daily basis.

Step 1: Remove everything from the drawer so you can see it all easily.


Step 2: Purge!  Get rid of anything broken or that you do not need anymore.

Step 3: Contain: organize by putting like things together.


Step 4: Put things back.


So much better!

These four simple steps can help you organize almost any area in your home.  The smaller the area, the more quickly and easily it is organized.  This drawer took me less than ten minutes!  But the same principles apply to any area big or small.

What is one small area that you can organize today?

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