Our Daily Routine

Routine is an important part of making life simpler for us.  And knowing what to expect each days helps our highly sensitive kids prepare and avoid some of the melt downs that can occur with the stress that unknown change brings.

Here is a look at our School Day Schedule (it is posted on our fridge):


And here is a more in-depth look at each part of our day.

7:00     The kids come downstairs (they have to stay in their beds and quiet until 7.  They can sleep later but are almost always up by 7.)  The kids play while I get lunch packed for Tony and breakfast ready and make our day’s supply of smoothies.

7:30 (often 7:45)     Breakfast time.  I have eaten earlier so I read the Bible and our daily prayer guide while everyone else is eating.

8:00     Tony leaves for work and we get ready for the day: get dressed, make beds and do chores.  Then we take a 15 minute break…this gives us all a bit of “chill time” to prepare for school.


Sometime between 9:00 and 10:00 we start school.  I work with Hannah on her language arts and math while Ruthie and Asher work on things they can do on their own.  When I finish with Hannah I work with Asher on his language arts while Hannah has free time and Ruthie continues to work individually.  Then I work with Ruthie on her language arts.  At 10:00 we always take a snack break.  We are usually able to finish all this by 11:30.

11:30     The kids have free time (usually outside) while I get lunch ready.

12:00     Lunch time.  Once I have finished eating, I read to them our assigned History/Geography reading for the day.  Then they have a few minutes of free time while I do the dishes.

1:00     We sit on the couch and do more reading for school.  Hannah’s preschool as well as science and often a chapter from our “read-aloud” book.

1:30 or 1:45     We have Quiet Rest Time.  Asher is in his room.  Hannah is in the girls’ room and Ruthie is on our bed or on the couch.  I am usually at the table (blogging or sewing or reading).  They need to play alone, quietly or read/write/color.  Their rooms need to be picked up before they can come downstairs when Rest Time is over.  This quiet time alone really helps all of us to recharge and be ready for the rest of the day.

3:00     Quiet Rest Time is over.  We have a snack, then head outside to feed the chickens and play for a while (weather permitting).


4:30    I get supper started and the kids get screen time.  Before a DVD goes on, all the toys have to be picked up…I get quite picky at this time about every little thing being picked up and put away…including any clean laundry from that day.  This helps our house to look tidy when Dad gets home (he really appreciates this) and lets us enjoy supper and our evening without a mess.  Because of my capsule menu, the hands-on time needed for supper usually not much…so I get stuff started and then have a bit of time to clean something, finish up some sewing or read for a bit.

6:00     Tony gets home between 5:30 and 6:00, and we eat supper.  Then we clean up supper and do baths/showers and hang out for a bit.

7:30 or 8:00     We gather on the couch and I read some more…finishing up any school reading we have yet to do or just some fun stories.

8:00 or 8:30     Bedtime!  We have committed to being home in the evenings at least five nights a week.  This really helps all of us get the rest we need and helps to keep our lives feeling less busy and stressed.

This is what our day looks like…how about yours?

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