The Capsule Menu…Part 2

UPDATE:  February 2017 — All of the Capsule Menu information has been revised, updated and expanded!  It is available in the Creating a Capsule Menu book in print or Kindle!

See Part 1 HERE for how to begin making a capsule menu for your family.

Having a list of meals clearly posted on my fridge helps me decide what to make for supper each day.  This works well for me during the summer…but, during the school year I prefer to have a more structured meal plan.  Our days are busier (homeschooling) and our outside the home activities are more regularly scheduled.  I want one less thing to think about and one less decision to make each day!

So, here comes capsule menu planning, part 2!

First, decide which meals you are going to plan (breakfast, lunch, supper).  In the past I have just planned for suppers all week and lunches and suppers for the weekends.  But this year, I’m planning lunches and suppers for all week.

For each meal you are going to schedule, choose a color (I’m doing breakfast, lunch, supper). Circle each meal in a color.

My list looks like this:


We eat the same thing for breakfast every day…I eat chocolate overnight oatmeal, Tony has a cheese omelet with rice and the kids eat baked oatmeal or toast and raw goat’s milk or overnight oatmeal.  This might seem boring to you, but it works well for us!  So, no real planning involved…I still circled them in red so that I wouldn’t accidentally schedule those meals for another time!

Next, I scheduled a week’s worth of lunches…I’m planning to use the same lunch menu plan each week:

  • Sunday: scrambled eggs and muffins
  • Monday: TBD, any ideas for me?
  • Tuesday: mac & cheese with tuna
  • Wednesday: eggs
  • Thursday: oven puff pancake
  • Friday: tortilla pizzas
  • Saturday: fried eggs with toast/biscuits

This menu plan is for the kids’ lunches.  I pack Tony the same lunch for work everyday and I eat eggs or leftovers for lunch.  We don’t have enough leftovers for the kids and I for lunch and since Tony has the metabolism of a race horse, either I eat the leftovers for lunch or he eats them for a “snack” before he goes to bed.

Finally, I scheduled suppers.  I counted up my remaining meals and saw that I had enough to plan for three weeks (remember which meal(s) you plan to eat every week).

I tried to spread out my “similar” meals, like pasta meals and soup meals and meat-heavy meals and bean meals to once each week.  Then I filled in the rest.

Here is what it looks like:


As you look forward to the fall craziness of kids starting school and all the other new activities that come with fall, be thankful that planning meals is already done!

Coming soon, Capsule Menu, Part 3…planning your “go-to” dishes for all types of events.  And Capsule Menu, Part 4…grocery shopping and stocking your freezer and pantry.




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