Real Food…My Definition

There are many definitions of “real food”.  Some people define real food as “foods that our ancestors ate”; for some this means only what they can hunt/gather..raw and almost no processing of any kind… lots of people like to add fermentation and sprouting/soaking of foods…eating only locally raised/produced foods…These definitions get cumbersome and strict and set you up for failure…you can’t always be “perfect”.

Here is my definition of real food: something I could (theoretically) make in my kitchen without a chemistry degree and/or a chemistry lab.  Something like cold-pressed olive oil and coconut oil, cheese and yogurt. Something I could grow in my garden (given the correct climate) like fruits and veggies, beans, nuts, grains. Something I could raise in my backyard (given enough room and proper climate)  like goats/cows for milk/meat, chickens for meat/eggs.

The BEST real foods are GMO-free, free of pesticides and added hormones and raised as nature intended — pastured chickens/cows/goats, organically grown grains and produce, etc.

I don’t worry about everything (or even most things)being the BEST because at this point it is not possible for us — financially or time-wise.  I just do the best I can.  Any fruit is better than fruit snacks; any butter is better than margarine; homemade bread is better than most any store bought bread.
Switching to a real food diet doesn’t have to be all or nothing perfect.  Make changes slowly, do the best you can and don’t worry about the rest.  Trust God to honor your intentions and to provide the time, energy and finances to continue making changes.

What does “real food” mean to you?


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