Stock Your Natural Remedies Cabinet

Summer involves lots of activity and lots of activity will inevitably lead to a few bumps and bruises, scrapes and the occasional run it with a natural pest (mosquito, poison ivy). Being prepared to prevent when possible and treat easily and naturally reduces stress and makes life easier. Please Note: This is not to be… Continue reading Stock Your Natural Remedies Cabinet

Creating Your Summer “Bucket List”

How is it going as you prepare for a summer of fun, relaxation, experiences and relationships?  As spring gets busy (it is super busy around here), revisit your summer mission statement and keep at it; just do the next thing. This week we are going to create our “bucket list” for this coming summer.  A… Continue reading Creating Your Summer “Bucket List”

Developing a Daily Routine

My mission for this summer is to refresh myself and my family with meaningful experiences that grow our relationships with each other. I hope you are making progress on developing a daily and weekly cleaning routine (and getting your kids involved).  Hopefully, you are also finding some things to get rid of in order to… Continue reading Developing a Daily Routine

Preparing to Take a Vacation From Cleaning (Sort of!)

If you are going away from home for a week of vacation you can pretty much let daily chores and laundry slide.  But for an entire summer you can’t.  Bummer, I know!  However, you can minimize the chores you need to do for the entire summer! The first thing you need to determine is what… Continue reading Preparing to Take a Vacation From Cleaning (Sort of!)

Going on Vacation at Home

Tony works at a resort.  He interacts with vacationers on a daily basis.  Occasionally we have been blessed to experience this same kind of resort vacation.  It has greatly influenced how I think about planning my life in order to experience a bit of this vacation lifestyle daily: Have you ever spent a week of… Continue reading Going on Vacation at Home

Creating a Mission Statement for Your Summer

This is post #2 in the Preparing for Summer series.  See post #1 here. Last week we began by asking ourselves a few questions.  I want you to begin discovering what a successful summer means to you. We asked ourselves these questions: What do I want to gain this summer? What do I want to… Continue reading Creating a Mission Statement for Your Summer